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Senior Product Manager young plants, border area Neth./Germany


Our client and your possible new employer, is a globally leading breeding company focused on cut flowers, bulbs, tropical plants, pot plants, bedding plants and perennials. The organization grows and flourishes via organic growth and by acquiring other companies. This results in a fast-changing and therefore challenging environment.
Their annual turnover is around 360 million euro with more than 7.700 employees worldwide. In addition to a large marketing and sales network, they have a diversified network of specialized production sites spread all over the world.
The key to the companies’ success is a broad and deep product range, supported by a global supply chain. They take pride in their corporate social responsibility efforts investing in the health, safety, and personal development of their staff as well as in innovative and sustainable techniques.
For the Bedding & Balcony department of their production farm in the Netherlands/German border area, we are looking for a Senior Product Manager (m/f) for the EMEA region.

Job description

As Senior Product Manager (m/f) you are the primary contact in the product category you represent. You are focused on ensuring product category success and messaging throughout the company internally and with the sales and customer network externally. You act entrepreneurial in developing the right products and identifying market opportunities, while maximizing profit margins within the product group.

Your responsibilities
- Develop and execute the crop strategy, which includes directing the breeding activities
- Develop and maintain the trial and commercial assortment, and positioning of varieties
- Organize and evaluate variety trials and manage Plant Breeder Rights (PBR)
- Chair the interdisciplinary product team consisting of Breeding, Supply Chain, Sales, Marketing, Finance and Product Management
- Support commercial organization via training, a collateral development and delivery
- Maintain good market knowledge and insight.

Job requirements

- Excellent knowledge of the relevant market
- Familiar with statistical analysis
- Cultural knowledge of the product line
- Organizational skills for managing integrity of database trials & products
- Good interpersonal skills for team building and account relations
- Strong presentation skills for public speaking in varied settings
- Several years of proven work experience in a similar job, preferably in horticulture
- Good command of the English language, both verbal and written
- Analytical mindset, excellent social and communication skills and team player facilitating cross-cultural co-operation
- Proficient computer skills in MS Office applications, particularly with Excel
- Drive for improvements and motivated by rapidly changing organizations
- Able to manage a sustained business travel requirement up to 50%.

Job conditions

The company has great global ambitions. Innovation, technology and quality are high priorities. This results in a challenging working environment with plenty of room for personal growth and development. This also implies that the companies’ global presence and diversity of activities may enable a further internal career for those meeting expectations.
You are being offered an excellent salary package and secondary conditions. It should also be mentioned that the company has an informal and easily accessible working environment in which mutual cooperation is very important. In view of its location, it is feasible to live in the Netherlands and commute to/from the company across the German border.

Job station

Border Area Neth./Germany

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Jan Meijer
Background & Experience
Born and raised at the family cut flower nursery, I did not opt for that professional direction.
In stead I had my studies at the Higher Port and Transport College in Rotterdam, a private business administration academy for the port- and transport sector.

From 1978 u/i 2006 I hence managed departments, establishments and country organizations in the world of aviation, travel industry and the publishing sector at senior i.e. general management positions.
During those years I mainly lived and worked abroad, but in between those periods I once in a while lived and worked in the Netherlands, my home country, as well.
Recruitment, selection and personnel (expatriate) oriented responsibilities, specifically within the scope of the international positions I fulfilled and the areas where I was posted, have been a continuous factor in my career during those years.

End 2006 I returned to the roots of my family and decided to found ‘Lutgo Global’, jointly with Joost Siereveld, initiator and former owner of Lutgo BV, as a new and separate company.
Our aim with the foundation of Lutgo Global was and still is to (also) globally offer recruitment and selection services, related to internationally capable management and specialists, to the international sectors comprising ornamental horticulture, vegetables and fruit, arable farming and related sectors. It last but not least was and is our objective to acquire a sustainable market share in these professional fields and relevant foreign geographical areas.

Role at Lutgo Global
Jointly with fellow co-owner and colleague Joost Siereveld I am responsible for the daily management of Lutgo Global and personally responsible for recruitment, selection and CRM in specifically Latin-America and towards the initial business relations of Lutgo Global in the rest of the world.
+31 (0)297 255570 

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