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Senior Grower Tomato, location NSW Australia


With over 60 farms across Australia, our client Costa is Australia’s leading grower, packer, marketer and exporting company of a large variety of premium quality fresh fruit and vegetables. Besides this leading market position, Costa is committed to sustainable agriculture and produces products this way which are healthy, safe and of the highest quality, while at the same time protecting and improving the natural environment. Under their guiding shared values ‘Determination’, ‘Passion’, ‘Accountability’, ‘Sincerity’ and ‘Respect’, they achieved a proven record of nurturing their people, cultivating their growing sites and investing in ongoing research and development.

The Tomato division
During 365 days a year, our client grows 9 varieties of tomatoes, including large truss, cocktail truss and small snacking. This takes place in one of Australia’s largest and most advanced glasshouse facilities, located at Guyra, in the beautiful New England Tablelands region of NSW.
Presently a 12 month $67 million expansion project is underway, which brings their onsite operation to 40 Ha. high-tech greenhouses, 2.5 Ha. propagation nursery, 2 large packing facilities and over 800 staff. The applied state-of-the-art technology puts Costa Tomatoes at the forefront of ecologically sustainable practices.

Job description

The Grower positions (Ass.Grower, Grower Manager and Senior Grower) are responsible for either a 5, 10 or 20 Ha. greenhouse area, growing a range of tomato varieties. The company is specifically looking for greenhouse tomato growers with experience managing 10 Ha. for at least 2 years, or a 5 Ha. Grower with 4+ years’ experience.

The responsibilities
- Achieving targets in terms of quality and quantity
- Heating resource management including daily and weekly plans/actions (coal, gas);
- Climate control system settings and monitoring (Priva - heating, venting, watering);
- Crop nutrition including weekly and longer term nutrition strategies for all stages of the crop cycle;
- Pest & disease management incl. input and execution of periodical control strategies, incorporating IPM;
- Water resource management incl. plans/actions, operational troubleshooting of water systems and equipment;
- Labor management and performance monitoring in conjunction with Assistant Growers and Supervisors;
- Leading / participating in projects to improve quality, safety, performance and yield;
- Ensuring adherence to safety, quality and hygiene KPI’s, policies and procedures.

Job requirements

- A Bachelor degree or higher level qualification, or working experience of equal merit.
- A tertiary level qualification in either Horticulture, Agronomy, Plant Science, Agrifood - Systems or Rural Science will be highly regarded.
- A minimum experience in a greenhouse production greenhouse environment, as a - Grower or Assistant Grower (see above under ‘The position’);
- A comprehensive knowledge of tomato crop nutrition, pest and disease management and growing strategies;
- Ability to undertake operational troubleshooting of common water system, heating system and equipment issues within a greenhouse;
- Experience in the use of the Priva system (or similar);
- Excellent problem solving skills and demonstrated resilience, positivity and perseverance;
- Excellent attention to detail and the ability to effectively manage multiple priorities under pressure;
- Strong communication and interpersonal skills, with experience effectively leading large teams;
- Outcome focused with a track record of achieving yield, quality and safety targets;
- Ability to work independently and also effectively as part of a team;
- Strong IT skills;
- Commitment to WHS, quality, hygiene and food safety;
- Meeting the ruling Australian requirements concerning ‘Health and Character’ and prepared to declare this in accordance.

The location
Guyra is a small town, 25 mins. away from Armidale with some 25,000 residents. It has many education facilities incl. a university (UNE), making it quite a vibrant town, and is the most popular place to live for the Costa staff at Guyra.
From the farm it is a 2 hour drive to the beautiful north coast (Coffs Harbour) which is a popular weekend activity.

Job conditions

The company offers an excellent salary package and an additional bonus scheme based on company and individual targets. The procedure concerning possible immigration permits will be managed and paid for by the company.

The starting date
The preferred starting date of the new candidate is as soon as possible

Job station

NSW Australia

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